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Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

PCI_Icons_Clean_Agent_Fire_Suppression.pngAs a leading vendor of high quality and reliable clean agent fire suppression systems, Protex Central Inc. understands how best to apply the right agent for the right application. Whether it be DuPont’s industry-leading FM-200 fire suppression agent or the highly attractive environmental profile of 3M’s Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, Protex Central is uniquely positioned to recommend the right agent solution for your application.

Protex Central also provides salvage and access to EPA-approved reclamation services for Halon fire suppression systems and agents.

Protex Central, Inc. provides clean agent fire suppression agents and products from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry including Fenwal Protection Systems, Ansul and Janus.

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UL Listed Fire Alarm Installation Contractor

ullisted.gifProtex Central is listed with Underwriter's Laboratories as a fire alarm installation contractor. Protex voluntarily participates in this independent, third party verification service. UL listing is an owner's assurance that the listed contractor has demonstrated and maintains a performance capability to design, install and maintain fire detection and alarm systems in accordance with applicable codes and standards.

NICET Certified Fire Protection Technology Technicians

nicetcertified.gifIn addition to maintaining required local alarm licenses, many of Protex Central's system designers and technicians voluntarily submit to certification testing administered by the National Institute for Certified Engineering Technicians in the field of fire protection technology. NICET certification is an owner's assurance that the individuals designing, installing, programming and servicing the fire suppression systems have met a written test and field experience standard along with meeting continuing education requirements.

Code Compliant Inspection & Maintenance Services

nfpamember.gifPeriodic system inspection and maintenance services are the cornerstone of Protex Central's business. Custom-tailored agreements are available from simple inspection-only services up to complete full-service maintenance service agreements. All inspections are performed in accordance with the applicable local standards as well as those of the National Fire Protection Association. All Protex Central inspection customers may participate in the Preferred Customer Discount Program. This program allows customers to take advantage of additional discounts and, coming soon, access to on-line inspection records. For more information or a quotation, simply Contact Us.

Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator