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May 16, 2013

Jeron Introduces Customized Automated Voice Paging for Provider(R) 790 and Provider(R) 680 Nurse Call

CHICAGO, IL, May 06, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today Ericka Baran, Vice President-Marketing at Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., announced an automatic voice prompt feature for its Provider 680 and Provider 790 nurse call systems. When a critical call is placed on the Provider nurse call, this new functionality leverages the facility's public address system with a computer-generated announcement to automatically alert staff to the event throughout the facility or within specific areas.

"In addition to patient and staff call annunciation at nursing stations and key staff locations, these new 'smart' automated announcements alert staff anywhere throughout the facility with targeted overhead pages including patient-centric information," noted Baran. "These multiple alerting modes speed response for emergency situations since the closest staff member(s) to the event can respond. Also, the smart voice pages are a great way to alert multiple caregivers to an event in areas where staff aren't carrying mobile devices (pocket pagers or phones) to receive alerts."
Provider Automated Voice Prompt Features:
- Interfaces with the facility's public address system for critical call announcements such as code blue, bed exit, or staff emergency.
 - Automated voice pages are triggered by nurse calls placed from stations in patient and staff areas.
 - "Call cancelled" announcements alert staff to calls that were placed accidentally or have been addressed.
 - In addition to room number and bed, each announcement includes a customizable pre-alert tone, instructions, and location description.
- Option to repeat announcements one or more times.
 - Supports multiple zoned outputs for both local and facility-wide "all page".
 - On-screen user interfaces allows for easy set-up of message content, page zones and message repeat sequences.
- Cross-platform compatibility supports both Provider 680 and 790 nurse call systems.
To balance the importance of alerting staff to emergency situations while minimizing noise pollution for resting patients, the zoned output options allow local events to overhead page only within a specific unit or department without disrupting the entire facility. "When you're in the unit", states Baran, "it's all about time and multi-tasking. Our smart automatic voice paging advances clear communication, making it easier to respond in an efficient manner with minimal disruption."
This latest automated voice paging announcement from Jeron builds on last month's announcement of an integration path bringing the latest LAN-based staff scheduling, real-time activity monitoring, and activity reporting data features of Provider 790 to the large installed base of Provider 680 systems.

Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator