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Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
July 17, 2012

Protex Central and Jeron: Redefining "Everywhere Access" through the Jeron 790 Nurse Call System.

logo_jeron.jpgJuly 17th, 2012 – Chicago, Illinois – With continued pressure on hospitals to boost efficiency and quality of care, acute care solutions that streamline processes have come into sharper focus more than ever before.  Today, Myles Cochran, Marketing Director at Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., announced an important advance in nurse call communications - the integration of a network accessible PC Console Display into the continuum of options available for the Provider 790 nurse call system.

The PC Console Display delivers a whole breadth of activity and status information to any Windows® computer anywhere on the hospital’s LAN – from emergency nurse call alerts to workflow events, staff locations, and service requests by nursing unit, floor, or facility-wide.   Staff members, caregivers and managers can customize their individual PC Consoles to display only the information that is relevant to their functions. Myles explains “For example, a nurse manager may choose to view only service requests and overtime calls for their nursing unit, the housekeeping manager views ‘Room Dirty’ workflow events across the entire facility, and the switchboard operators see Code Blue calls across the entire facility.”

The PC Console Display’s ease-of-use and convenience features include:
Choice of three activity display options
Each user can choose from one of the three views that works best for their needs:
•    List View – indicating all active patient and staff calls for one, several or all Nursing Units
•    Whiteboard View – a list of all rooms/beds within a specific Unit showing all information and events associated with the room/bed including patient information, call activity, workflow events, assigned caregivers, caregivers present, and bed status
•    Map View – a graphical floor view of call activity, staff presence and service requirements

Everywhere access and monitoring
Users can access their own customized display from any networked computer.

Unlimited number of users
There is no limit on the number of concurrent users who can access the PC Console software; everyone who needs to see the real-time information has access to it.

No software to maintain on user’s computers
The PC Console is downloaded to the local computer over Windows.NET; greatly simplifying support and maintenance.

Centralized Code display
A large PC Console display at the operator position alerts them to critical Code calls so they can quickly dispatch the crash team.

In addition to caregivers, nursing and department managers who will rely on the PC Console for patient and workflow information, IT and Bio-Med staff will appreciate the software’s diagnostic features.  “Support teams can use the PC Console software to alert them of any component issues”, stated Jeron’s Marketing Director Cochran.  “Since every device on Provider 790 is continuously supervised, quick alerting of a component problem means the system will always be working when an emergency occurs.”

Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator
Protex Central, Specialized Protection Solutions Integrator